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 クールド シンノ ビブリ from レバノン

  • 開催期間:2014年11月7日(金)〜11月12日(水)

  • 3階会場

  • 開廊時間:11:00〜19:00(最終日は17:00まで)


ワークショップ 11月8日(土)9日(日)pm2:00~

Biography of “Khouloud Sinno Hibri”

The Lebanese multicultural Artist and Designer was inspired and guided by the cities she resided in as a child and an adult.
Starting from Kuwait her birth place; to Beirut her childhood; to New York and Florida her teenage years; and later to Tokyo her love and inspiration and now Abu Dhabi her blessed present.

Fashion design graduate, Artist and Accessories Designer, and a Teacher of Art .
Born in a family of fashion, from a father who was a clothing retailer and one grandfather who was a tailor and the other a textile trader.
Khouloud was brought up in an environment where fashion, beauty and design were and are an essential part of life, a necessity and a style of living.

Destiny takes her to Japan, after meeting her Japanese Lebanese soul mate; where she finds the harmony of the “cloth”, the spirit, the colors, the texture, to produce a complete unity of all.
The artist has had various private and collective exhibitions both on the international and local level.
Today, Khouloud lives in Abu Dhabi – UAE, She teaches Art and Handicrafts. In addition to her teaching jobs, she continues her handicrafts as well as creating her own line of fashion clothing and accessories.

Khouloud Sinno Hibri
クルード シンノ ヒブリ






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